Nervy Pictures is Jeffrey Wolfe - Director and Executive Producer.  He began his film production career in Philadelphia and New York City.  After starting as a PA on film shoots, he further developed his craft in camerawork, production management, directing and editing.  He went on to form Just Wolfe Productions, his first production company, in 1999.  In 2005 he crossed into the agency world and became the Head of Production and Post at The Media and Marketing Group / The Star Group.

Since 2008, Jeffrey has operated out of the greater New York City area.  He has served as Senior Producer and Executive Producer at advertising agencies, production companies, VFX/animation studios, editorial houses and experiential/digital studios.  

Jeffrey has produced independent shorts, music videos and co-produced a feature film.  He is currently in post production on "The Chalkboard Chronicles", a documentary short featuring new, previously unreleased work from the late Spalding Gray.  It is his debut as a director (with Tom Judd).

His passions include fitness, travel, cooking, craft beer, and checking out live music.  He lives in New Jersey with his wife and two sons, and their dog.